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Up In The Air

The project focused on understanding how a visual language created out of markings could evoke my cultural background and my childhood memories. My childhood in Seoul, Korea, is still one of my most cherished memories, and I frequently reflect on those times. One of my favorite recess games was Gonggi. This traditional Korean children's game has a simple rule: throw five stones to the ground first, then sequentially throw one into the air and while catching it you need to grab one in the ground. These action repeats over and over adding more complexity each time. The way the player throws the stones into the ground, and their particular random arrangements, got me thinking that the remains of the players' actions could become a project related to my childhood memories. After connecting each set of markings from Gonggi's play, a typeface built entirely from randomly generated markings was used to narrate the story of my early times in Korea in my native language. 

Instructed by Prof. Natasha Chandani / Pratt Institute


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