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Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina is a visual experiment project. Inspired by the ritual traditions found in religious practices, the project's concept was a fictional cult, that worships the divine hammer, to receive a specific message communicated by the incense sticks' fallen ashes. The participants will watch how the ashes have fallen after the hammer randomly slams the rotating device that holds the incense stick, then interpret their own subjectively perceived meaning. The project focuses on how unknowing markings, similar to tea leaf or cloud reading, could evoke innovative visuals that could be perceived as signs. These “messages” invoke the idea of an omnipotent being sending messages This functions as a deus ex machina, a suddenly appearing external solution to a seemingly unsolvable situation. The method found in this project catalyzes a design process of creating a visual narrative based on what can be observed from randomly generated markings.

Instructed by Prof. Matt Martin / Pratt Institute


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